our goal


At the Westchester Christian Child Care Center, our mission, like the nature of God, is threefold: to foster physical skill development, to educate young minds, and to nurture in our students a steadfast love of our Lord and Savior, all in a safe, secure, and loving environment.

To help our students to develop coordination and muscle strength and achieve developmental milestones, we offer them ample opportunities to work on both their gross and fine motor skills. Each classroom is equipped with toys that encourage the children to crawl, cruise, walk, and run, and students enjoy frequent trips to our outdoor playground (weather permitting) or our indoor play area, which features large play structures as well as a rock-climbing wall. We also work with each student to develop fine motor skills such as picking up bits of food with their fingers, using a spoon, drawing with crayons, and writing with pencils.

Our programs are also intended to help educate children in preparation for school (or, in the case of our before-and-after-school program, to complement their school curriculum). As our students progress through the different age levels, they go from learning shapes, colors, and letters and numbers to doing basic math, music discovery, and simple science activities (our students particularly love our annual chicken-hatching event!). We use monthly and weekly themes within our classrooms to help students see how all of the different subjects they will learn in school are interconnected. We also emphasize literacy in all of our classrooms, from reading to the littlest ones to providing plenty of opportunities for students to visit our in-house library. We even have parents in from time to time as special guest readers for story time!

Of course, all of this is worth little without a firm moral foundation and a love of the Lord, and at the Westchester Christian Child Care Center, we make sure that our faith is a part of all of our programs. We don't just teach children basic developmental skills: We also teach them about the importance of prayer, sing fun songs ("He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" is a favorite!), and read and study the parables Jesus gave us and what we can learn from them.