Resources for Christian Families

At the Westchester Christian Child Care Center, we believe that being raised by a strong Christian family is the surest way to ensure that a child grows up to be a person of good character. A firm foundation of faith can help a child to learn the morals and values that will set them on the path toward a godly life. That's why we've collected these helpful resources for parents seeking to raise their children to have a strong personal relationship with the Lord. We hope that these sites will help you forge stronger bonds within your family and help you guide your children through the challenges and temptations that your children may face as they grow toward adulthood.


  • How to Build a Strong Christian Family:

    Daily family worship is the key to growing in faith together, according to this article.

  • The Gift of Prayer: Ask, Seek, Knock:

    Learn about how to teach your children the importance of connecting with God through prayer.

  • Sibling Rivalry:

    This article shares one grandfather's experience with following the Lord's guidance as he reached out to a grandson struggling to compete with his brother.

  • How to Build a Christian Home:

    Good parenting isn't about surrounding your children with Christian culture and taking them to church, this article says: It's about keeping the Lord in your hearts and letting His love flow through you as you model your faith by how you live.

  • Raising Godly Children:

    This Bible study guide can help parents to raise their children in the faith by leaning on the Word of God for support.

  • About the Christian Family Movement:

    The saying that "it takes a village to raise a child" has some truth in it. The Christian Family Movement is dedicated to fostering community support for Christian parents.

  • The Four Most Important Prayers for Your Kids:

    A mother shares how she has turned to God to help her children as they grow.

  • Raising Christ-Like Families in a Secular World:

    Men must be aware of their role in a modern Christian household: to lead their family in faith as Jesus led his disciples.

  • Building Strong, Happy Christian Families:

    This article outlines six qualities of a strong Christian family that all parents should work to foster in themselves and their children.

  • How to Raise Kids to Be Christ-Like Servants:

    Too often, we're so busy running from place to place that we forget to look around and seek out ways to help others. This article offers an idea for how you can get your family out into the community to be of service to others.

  • Families That Play Together Stay Together:

    Good parenting isn't all about guidance and discipline. It's also important to bond with your children and keep the lines of communication open through fun activities.

  • The New Morality: Raising Kids in a Confused Culture:

    It's important for parents to teach their children what the Bible teaches us while recognizing that society sometimes sends different messages.

  • Helping Children Deal With Tragedy:

    Bad things happen in every child's life, whether it's a national disaster or something more personal like the death of a loved one. Turning to the Lord can help both you and your child through a difficult time.

  • Raising Christian Kids in an Ungodly World:

    Giving Christian kids a support system in the form of parents they feel comfortable talking to and friends who share their faith can help them navigate the moral perils of modern society.

  • Five Traits of Kids Who Kept Following Christ as Adults:

    All Christian parents fear that no matter what they do, their children might stray from the church. Here, learn about what you can do to keep that from happening.